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Banu Subramaniam - Vortrag Interdisciplinary Hauntings

16. Juni 2016, 18:00, Room 100, Herderbau, Tennenbacherstr. 4

Interdisciplinary Hauntings: The Ghostly Words of Naturecultures: Banu Subramaniam in Dialogue with Sigrid Schmitz

What do morning glory flowers or alien plant and animal species have to do with the histories of gender, race or eugenics? In this exchange Banu Subramaniam will trace the genealogies of ecology and evolutionary biology to demonstrate how foundational ideas of "variation" in biology are inextricably connected to ideas of "diversity" and "difference" in the humanities. Making a passionate case for interdisciplinary work across the humanities and natural and social sciences, this talk explores how histories of gender and race shape contemporary biological theories and what lessons we can learn about the relationships between natures and cultures. Banu Subramaniam and Sigrid Schmitz will then talk about current Feminist STS and postcolonial perspectives, on the potentials and limits of their inclusion into eco-diversity discourses, and on their importance for questions of "environmental governance”. (PDF)




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